Next IW selection Board

Next IW selection Board

Postby egriff25 » Sat May 05, 2012 1:44 am


I was wondering if anyone knew when the next selection board would be held? I was previously going to submit my OCS package in my final semester of my undergrad, but after some guidance I decided to wait. I transitioned from the aviation community to IDC about six months ago.

A little about my package (Advice needed/wanted)

  • Almost 7 years service (2nd class CTR), 40 OAR
  • 25 Years old
  • IDW/AW Pins
  • Undergrad in CIS/IS with 3.7 GPA (obtained on active duty), enrolled in MS/MBA Program (Cyber Security)
  • Strong evals minus recent "P" (New to command, arrived as evals were being routed up the chain)
  • Volunteer, Leadership and Technical ability are my strong points, as annotated on my LOR's and Eval's
  • LOR's from 2 CAPT's former CO's, 2 LCDR's (IDC community) & 2 LT's (OIC's) is this to many

Thank you in advance
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Next IW Selection Board

Postby IW OCM » Mon May 07, 2012 4:25 pm

The next IDC OCS Professional Recommendation panel is likely to happen ~Sep/Aug '12. All selections for FY12 have been made. The number of quotas for FY13 are still pending the approval of the annual Accession Plan. So you have some time to refine your application. You should absolutely be forthright about situations which may raise the panel members' curiosity. Hope that helps.


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