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I concur with the idea that the intel officers are getting this somehwere in their training. Their not as cycnical as this thread may have them, and the intel folks I deal with are very aware and appreciative of what IW folks do. I think they just want to be able to represent it themselves. I think this is certaily going to be more of the case in the future, particualrly as we influence IWs to submit to the plot vice a TAO.

I do believe this type of issue is confined to the surface force. The difference in capability of our ships vice the ships of other other countries have afforded us the ability carry on with methods and practices that are wasteful, remarkably inefficient, and downright stupid. Often, we speak of the idiocy of the SWO community, and I believe this is because the existing SWO community does not have to provide realistic courses of actions that make sense in a critical situation. That's why all of the FRTP evolutions are impractical hoaxes. The Army was this way prior to Afgahnistan and Iraq. Once they began to operate in perilous situation and once they began to see how costly their inefficienes and stupidities really were, they made changes and refined the way they operated. The SWO community hasn't had to do that for several years. Rather, we investigate the actions of one skipper whose ship may have gotten bombed or may have shot down an airliner. The systemic problems which lead to failures are not evaluated and thus never corrected until they become painfully clear. By the time this happens, the culpability can be ascribed to decisions of someone who is long retired and likely already dead. The other communities in which we operate (sub/air) have to operate with less capability and also must continually refine their approach to the mission, as it changes. Also, those communities have our mission as their own. The surface ships are going to do what they do regardless of whether they have any CTs aboard or not.
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