CHANGE to FY-16 Graduate Education Opportunities

CHANGE to FY-16 Graduate Education Opportunities

Postby 12345qwert » Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:56 pm

New Message Released on Graduate Education Opportunities in FY16: ... V15134.txt

Of note for IWs:

(1) FREE Doctoral/Masters Program Opportunity through Purdue University's Institute for Defense Innovation. The link on the site doesn't work (can't see if there is a program IW-specific), but reached out to the POC and will pass along any info here.

"A new graduate education opportunity is available through Purdue
University. The Purdue Military Research Initiative (PMRI) provides tuition-
free doctoral and master*s programs across a range of subjects including
alternative energy and energy efficient technologies for naval applications.
More information can be found online at

(2) They are implementing the SECNAV's vision of DRAMATICALLY increasing the civilian education opportunities. In addition to the 8 POL-MIL selectees, in FY-16 they will be selecting THIRTY URLs for an N1 pilot program pushed through the TYCOMs to select the "best and brightest" (URLs) to go to the civilian graduate school of their choice (I would guess "selected in FY16 for FY17 funding" (which is how the POL-MIL works)).

"Also in FY16, OPNAV N1 will be piloting a program for additional civilian
institution quotas for URL officers not included in this quota plan. While
still in the planning phase, interim guidance for this pilot program is for
TYCOMS to choose the Navy*s best and brightest officers for graduate
education opportunities at the school of their choice. This initiative will
have 30 quotas within Navy*s FY17 Quota Plan."

Might make sense for IDFOR to argue for a few of these (even though we are RLs)
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Re: CHANGE to FY-16 Graduate Education Opportunities

Postby Sum1 » Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:30 pm

Thanks for posting this... I didn't see this previously.

Also, the Purdue website seems to be up and running now.
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Re: CHANGE to FY-16 Graduate Education Opportunities

Postby 12345qwert » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:36 pm

Failed to follow-up on this earlier - my apologies. This is "in residence" program (3 years of NOBs for PhD candidates), but if you can fit it in your career plan, seems like an incredible opportunity. They have both computer science and communications security PhD programs (for IW Officers).

Here is the response I received from COL (RET) Hankins at Purdue:

"Here are some additional details:

• The program started in Fall 2014 and offers no-cost (to the member or the Service) graduate educations (does not include books) for up to 10 active duty officers annually across the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force (30 total over 3 years). This recruitment is for entry in Fall 2016.
• Officers must attend in-residence and be returning to active duty upon degree completion. That said, there are no specific rank requirements. We have one officer from another service academy that came direct to Purdue after graduation to pursue a MS degree.
• The focus is for PhD candidates, but MS applications will be considered. Selected officers will be matched with a Purdue faculty member as a research advisor and mentor, and funding timelines will be provided as follows: for PhD candidates, funding for up to 3 years and MS candidates up to 2 years (note, the Services may restrict these timelines).
• Officers may be admitted into any Purdue graduate school where we have faculty support, but where possible, officers will be admitted into existing DoD research programs (please note we cannot currently accommodate fee free entry into Purdue’s professional graduate degrees (veterinary medicine, doctor of nursing practice, pharmacy, or the Krannert MBA programs).

The following link provides additional info about Purdue’s graduate programs (and will help you identify potential faculty advisors as well): ... majors.cfm

If you are interested in applying for PMRI, we suggest you first talk w/your Navy detailer regarding the potential of being released to attend. Then once you know you can be released, determine your course of study and then apply to Purdue’s Graduate School. Application deadlines vary somewhat depending on the College you apply to, so we encourage early application! That said, we’re always willing to try and help if you’ve missed a cut-off date. When you apply, you will receive a 1-page PMRI application. Fill that out and submit back to us. We will be receiving applications from across the Services and will be filling approximately 10 total quotas for entry in Fall 2016. Those selected will be notified in early 2016.

If you have additional questions after you review the above information, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.


Dave Hankins
Senior Project Manager
Purdue Homeland Security Institute"
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