Latest from the Community Manager

Latest from the Community Manager

Postby webmaster » Tue May 20, 2008 9:48 pm

Here is the latest email from
IWO Wardroom,

Just a short note to clarify the Community's (and especially RADM
Deets') commitment to the future of the IWO LDO and CWO programs. Last
week, I had the privilege of being a part of the IWO LDO/CWO Bottom Up
Review. The real brain power behind the initiative continues to be the
following IWOs who were in attendance:

- Captain Eaton
- LCDR Mike Brown
- LCDR Mike Zartman
- LT Mike Isaac
- LTjg Jennifer Lovejoy

CWO (Note: All five of our CWO5s!)
- CWO5 Russ Coleman
- CWO5 Jim Anderson
- CWO5 John Schmidt
- CWO5 Randy Tolliver
- CWO5 Jim Morris
Note: We were especially honored to have the LDO/CWO OCM, Captain
Wilkie, contribute to our cause!

As you would imagine, with a group of this make-up, the recommended way
ahead was both well thought out and passionately debated. Stand by for
specific insights from the Flag Deck once RADM Deets validates/redirects
the WG's recommended vector. In the interim, please ensure our LDOs,
CWOs and CTs understand that there is a bright future via those two
accession sources, as they remain vital to the overall health and
technical proficiency of our wardroom.

To prevent us from crossing that fine line between informing and
spamming the wardroom, those of you with an insatiable desire for
community management related insight may pull additional info by
visiting our NKO IW Total Force Community of Practice
( and the
Community Management Blog ( Effective
community management requires collaboration and YOUR input remains
vital. Thanks to all of you keeping my in-box full...lots of great
Again, if you received this e-mail second/third hand and would like to
receive such info more directly, please let me know and I will gladly
add you to the distro.
Sean Heritage
Information Warfare OCM
the Community Manager.
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