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jitter wrote:Jake,

If I recall your CO/XO has a monthly or quarterly meeting with each JO for mentorship. This would be a good place to ask there questions.

Meetings are held monthly, however it is likely that his CO has already found a job for him based on his skill set, growth needs and available billets. The Ft. Meade placement officer may be able to give him some additional guidance. The best thing to do at this point is get into the new job, pursue an additional assignment as a DIVO or major collateral duty holder, and get moving on the quals. There are plenty off qualified officers at Ft. Meade, almost all of whom would be more than willing to help Jake work on his PQS. We found that our most successful JOs usually got together with some peers who were at approximately the same level in the process and they either approached qualified officers for signatures as a group or studied together for tests and qualification boards.
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