Indefinite Reserve Recall

Indefinite Reserve Recall

Postby IW OCM » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:56 pm

Cut and paste from the OCM Blog...

It is a great pleasure to announce that RADM Deets has personally selected our first indefinite recall in many years. As we find creative ways to access to requirements (our direct accessions are not growing), tapping into our reserve component is an obvious choice. This particular opportunity was provided to us by the IP Community, which donated a quota to assist us in our desire to not only leverage some of the great talent in our RC, but also send a message to the Total Force IW Wardroom. Though accessing LT Brad Abramowitz (NIOC TX) will undoubtedly enhance our wardroom, the lessons re-enforced through this process include:

- RC IWOs who find ways to serve in meaningful operationally focused billets will be rewarded
- There are a large number of highly qualified, under utilized IWOs on the RC side who want operationally focused opportunities
- We have a long way to go if we are to achieve true Active Reserve Integration (ARI)
- The AC understands very little about our RC counterparts

For those in a position to write requirements for the services of our RC IWOs, please consider doing so (contact LCDR Maurice Fischer (240-373-3830) for details). We know IAs continue to leave our commands with rather large voids and the purpose of the RC is to fill those voids and directly source IAs (1630s have their RC doing 80% of their IAs; we have our RC doing 14%). Without IW/IO centric requirements, the entrepreneurial spirit continues to result in many RC IWOs serving in admin focused jobs that do not afford them the opportunity to grow their core competencies. Without active interest in RC IWO career development, we will continue to have a RC that in general terms is ill-equipped (lack of operatinally focused training and experience) to contribute in operational environments. Getting all reservists to IWBC and requiring all new IWOs (AC and RC) to complete the same PQS is a great start, but as we all know, that is merely the foundation of the larger experience/training continuum. Thanks to all of the 1615s who applied for this opportunity and the commands for thrir strong support of some very deserving candidates. We are doing our best to increase the frequency of similar opportunities. Make no mistake, we value our RC!

Note: In order to facilitate a smooth transition from RC to AC, Brad will likely go PCS Afloat for his first tour. At the end of that tour, he will have all of the credentials expected of a LT IWO and be well positioned for a long and successful naval career.
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