CNBC?s "Code Wars" Reports on Cyberwar

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CNBC?s "Code Wars" Reports on Cyberwar

Postby unlikelyconvert » Mon May 23, 2011 2:24 am

CNBC is starting to promote their "Code Wars" show. It highlights critical infrastructure and espionage. It also highlights headline leading stories like the cyber attack on Estonia and Stuxnet. It will start running on 26 May, hosted by Melissa Lee.

Premieres Thursday, May 26th 9p | 10p | 12a | 1a ET

In the United States, we are Internet dependent. Our financial systems, power grids, telecommunications, water supplies, flight controls and military communications are all online ? making them vulnerable to countless attacks by cyber criminals. The goal could be a 10-minute blackout, an attack on our national security, a stock trading glitch or the theft of millions of dollars worth of intellectual property. The FBI has recently made cyber crime a number one priority, one that costs the U.S. an estimated trillion dollars a year.
CNBC?s "Code Wars", hosted by Melissa Lee, takes you onto the frontlines of the war on cyber. Cyber attacks are almost impossible to trace, making cyber crime and acts of cyber warfare the ultimate anonymous crime. So how do we protect our systems whose components are largely manufactured abroad? Can our nation's infrastructure be protected from cyber attacks? And how can the U.S. win a war in which conventional rules of combat do not apply? CNBC tackles the tough questions in "Code Wars: America?s Cyber Threat."
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