Applying for OCT IDC board

Applying for OCT IDC board

Postby IT1L » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:48 pm

I am IT1 (IDW/SW/AW) with 12 years of AD under my belt.
I am applying for the following designators (SWO-IW, SWO-IP, and IW)

Below is my stats

OAR: 47
GPA: 3.4 with Information Technology Major
Interviews: 2 Supply (O5), 1 IP(O5), and looking for IW officer for interview
LORs: 1 O-10 (European Commander), 1 O-5, 1 O-4, 1 Senior Enlisted
Awards: 1 NCM, 2 NAM, Sailor of the Year 2006, and JSOQ

Evals: EP,EP,P (new First class),EP, and P (New guy “P”)
PFA: Mainly Good-High, Excellent, Outstanding (Now the Assistant Command Fitness Leader)

Courses and Certifications:
-US Naval War College (Primary Professional Military Education) course.
-Certified COMPTIA Network Plus, COMPTIA Security Plus.

I was wondering if anyone know of an IW officer thats willing to conduct a phone interview or a Skype session. I am currently stationed in Belgium and there's only 75 Navy personnel that's stationed here and none are IW.

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Re: Applying for OCT IDC board

Postby Sum1 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:47 am

There should be a couple IW officers stationed near there (unless I'm way off base). There are also some stationed in Stuttgart, which is a trip, but not too bad (all things considered).
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