The end of Periodic Security Clearance Reviews?

The end of Periodic Security Clearance Reviews?

Postby 12345qwert » Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:00 am

Here is a link to a very interesting ALNAV that was released this week: ... N14083.txt. I will admit up front that I haven't read the refs, so this post is just based on the four paragraphs in the msg and a ton of (likely false) assumptions I am making based on the msg - though my intent is to start a conversation about how comfortable we feel about the security clearance process AND develop ways we think it can be improved (since this is a test period - perhaps the msg authors would be open to suggestions).

If the evaluation of the Continuous Evaluation Concept Demonstration (which began in OCT) is positive, it may replace the once-every-five-years periodic security clearance review (commonly referred to as a "PR").

Few will argue that advances in technology will make it easier to identify SOME indications of personnel requiring an in-depth security clearance review (financial/legal troubles for example), however I find it difficult to fathom how other factors affecting someone's clearance that often come to light during PRs will be tracked using a new system reliant on technology (undocumented alcohol/drug abuse or infidelity are examples that come to mind). Additionally, these examples merely identify personnel that might be vulnerable to be influenced to release classified information if such information is used by an adversary. The most recent public leaks indicate that this generation's leaker may not always be caught using yesterday's profile.

Though I understand that the current system is both incredibly costly and flawed, I am struggling to see how this will help us better safeguard classified information.
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Re: The end of Periodic Security Clearance Reviews?

Postby Pwlk » Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:01 am

12345qwert wrote:Though I understand that the current system is both incredibly costly and flawed, I am struggling to see how this will help us better safeguard classified information.

My hopes for the new system are high but I struggle with expectations. While this concept of continuous evaluation program (CEP) is nothing new, it has been a command-level requirement per instruction for years ... as you alluded we are only as good as our data.

If we can somehow have a big brother that watches and knows many details, it could work. More than just a police report and binnacle list tracker. Social media, Internet footprint? But right now there definitely requires a HUGE level of human interaction.

<seastory>A few months after we had a Sailor removed from our ship I get a call from his gaining command's SSO. He was extremely frustrated that I had submitted a SAER on this guy. "It could hurt his career", "I never submit SAERs for this type of thing", and so on. I tried to explain that I felt that it was my duty as the sole reporter in our CEP to base my reports off of the SF-86 questionnaire. If it is big enough to be its own section in the SF-86, it is surely big enough to be SAER worthy.</seastory>

What I am trying to say is that I welcome all the help an automated system can give me. Do I like the idea of something getting reported to the CO before me, no not so much, but I talk VERY often with all Sailors onboard about their self-reporting obligations. But we all know Sailors keep secrets and even then it is very wishy-washy on what SSO/SECMANs are considering "reportable".

Automated systems don't have personal interactions/relationships with Sailors. That in my mind makes for a great "Step 1" in a CEP. Very interested to see successes and misfires of this new and inevitable system.

PS, 10 years between NACLCs is waaaay too long.
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Re: The end of Periodic Security Clearance Reviews?

Postby yoshi » Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:18 pm

Is there any indication of what constitutes "derogatory information"? I assume the criteria for derogatory information is the same as before. I do not know whether I support this specific program or not. I am all for making things easier, and our security system is a complete mess. However, I am not sure this will make things easier. It looks like the new technological process indicated will augment, vice replace, existing processes ("The CECD is designed to ENHANCE the current DoD CE process by using technology to continuously conduct automated records checks using data from DoD, Government, and commercial sources to identify potential derogatory information that indicates a personnel security concern."). Also, I am not sure I agree with using the blanket "commercial" sources. We are already checking credit/financial backgrounds. What new commercial sources do we need to use to identify whether someone indicates a personnel security concern? Seems less about clearance eligibility and more about attempts to identify insider threat.
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