Two admirals implicated in contracting scandal

Two admirals implicated in contracting scandal

Postby TomahawkChop » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:18 pm

Story here: ... .html?_r=0

The only details are in this paragraph:

Navy officials said the allegations against Admirals Branch and Loveless involved personal misconduct in accepting gifts or services from Mr. Francis, the nature of which could have exposed them to blackmail. But, the officials said, there was no sign at this point that the admirals had done anything for Mr. Francis that might lead to bribery charges against them.

Having worked as a flag aide before, this could run the range from accepting a 51 dollar gift to several thousands, so it could be really minor and is just Fat Leonard spewing everything he knows to not go to jail. We'll see what happens.
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Re: Two admirals implicated in contracting scandal

Postby arvizo » Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:48 am

Article from a couple weeks ago: ... for-years/
Some critics have questioned how smart it is for the Navy to retain an intelligence chief with such limitations, for so long, especially at a time when the Pentagon is confronted by crises in the Middle East, the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula and other hotspots.

“I have never heard of anything as asinine, bizarre or stupid in all my years,” Norman Polmar, a naval analyst and historian, said in an interview.

In an op-ed in Navy Times last fall, Polmar urged Navy leaders to replace Branch and Loveless for the sake of national security. He cited complaints from several unnamed Navy officers that “intelligence management is being hampered at a moment of great turmoil.”
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