Self-imposed denial of service?

Self-imposed denial of service?

Postby Schlag » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:15 am

**SOURCE ALERT** This is coming from the Navy Times; so I'll take it with a grain of salt; however, the below article says that we'll have to log into the below list of websites every 30 days or else have our login suspended and then have to call NMCI to get it turned on again.

My immediate reaction is "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?" but as I look at the sites, I see a lot of DoD sites which should mean that the Navy wouldn't have any jurisdiction over those account policies, right? Also, somebody somewhere would consider deployed assets right? I mean, once your Internet connectivity goes into at-sea mode its usually very difficult getting to a lot of these sites because they are very graphic/data intense.

At any rate, just food for thought. Blood was shooting out of my eyes the first time I read this article.

Career Management System/Interactive Detailing
DEERS Verification/Self Service
Defense Travel System
Enterprise Safety Applications Management Systems
Navy College Program
Navy Education and Training Command
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System
Navy Knowledge Online
Navy Reserve Data Warehouse
Navy Reserve Order Writing System
Navy Reserve Readiness Module
Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System
Total Workforce Management Services
Travel Risk Planning System
Tricare ... eir-logins
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Re: Self-imposed denial of service?

Postby Tommy Boy » Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:12 pm

Hope someone in charge looks at this and says, no way. Who logs into DEERS on a monthly basis now?
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Re: Self-imposed denial of service?

Postby yoshi » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:11 pm

We are so good at finding ways to bring utility and efficiency to their knees. But, I guess the only other option would be to come up with a better way to design our architectures :-/
Hopefully, we will be better with the new stuff going forward. I read things like this and chuckle at our silliness - both in creating and addressing these types of issues. Gotta love it.
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