PROFESSORS NEEDED/USNA Cyber Course Curriculum Link

PROFESSORS NEEDED/USNA Cyber Course Curriculum Link

Postby Tommy Boy » Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:11 pm

October 11, 2011
By Dan Lawrence

Would appreciate if you would forward to current or potential Professors this requirement for Cyber Course Professors at the USNA in Annapolis.

If anyone knows of folks that come near to meeting the requirements listed below regarding the “now required for all Midshipman” Cyber Course at USNA (noted in the Prospectus attached), they can contact Dr Rita Doeer at

While the USNA is still refining the final requirements to hire Cyber Curriculum Professors, vetted through Academic Dean, Professor Miner (CS Dept Chair) the following applies:

M.S. degrees or higher in CS or a closely related field (B.S. degrees with very strong technical experience, e.g. Red or Blue Team member, will also be considered)
recent technical experience, e.g., networks, programming, or OS’s
have good communication skills and be a fluent English speaker.
Prof. Miner continues to explain: “These are the kind of things we look for in any adjunct or military instructor. We typically don’t consider individuals with just a B.S. degree, but with the right kind of experience we could consider it. We risk running afoul of accreditation bodies if we don’t have advanced degree holders teaching our courses. Classroom experience is a very nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. Many of the officers who come to teach haven’t had previous teaching experience. I think the bottom line is we, the department, would need to have final approval of anyone that would be considered.”

3) the SI110 “Prospectus” is attached … the links in it (from the course outline) will not work since they’re only accessible on the Yard (USNA). As of Academic Year 2012, SI110 is now a required course for every 4/C (freshman) Midshipman. The outside the Yard link is It contains the Course Outline, Syllabus, Policy, Lecture Notes and Homework.

4) Re: e-Learning … outside of Adobe Connect and Blackboard (used by one/two courses in the Oceanography dept), I haven’t been able to track down any other classes here at USNA utilizing some e-Learning component

V/R, Rita

Rita McCardell Doerr, Ph.D.
Center for Cyber Security Studies
United States Naval Adademy
Office: Michelson 373C


United States Naval Academy (USNA)’s
SI110: Introduction to Cyber Security Technical Foundations

SI110 Mission Statement:
• Educate each midshipman about cyber infrastructure and systems, inherent cyber vulnerabilities and threats, and appropriate defensive security procedures, thereby enabling them to make principled decisions regarding the potential benefits, consequences, and risks from a proposed use of an information system in today’s cyber warfare environment.
SI110 Course Goals:
The fundamental goal of SI110 is that students acquire:
• An in-principle understanding of the basic physical and virtual architecture of cyberspace, including: the individual computer and program, the physical components and protocols of a network and the Internet, and the distributed client-server system that is the world wide web,

• hands-on experience with basic components of the physical and virtual architecture of cyberspace and the ability to relate that experience to the larger system,

• an in-principle understanding of DoD’s pillars of Information Assurance (availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation), the inherent vulnerabilities of information systems that endanger these properties, defensive measures to ensure that information systems retain these properties, and offensive measures that can be used to violate these pillars, and

• hands-on experience with some basic defensive and offensive practices in cyberspace, and the ability to relate that experience to new or more sophisticated attacks and defenses.
SI110 Course Outline:

Module 1: The Cyber Battlefield

Digital Data 1 & 2
The Physical Computer
PC Vivisection
Operating Systems 1 & 2
Programs Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Web: Servers, browsers and HTML
Web: Build your webpage
Web: Client Side Scripting: non-event driven, event driven, forms
Web: Server Side Scripting Web: Injection attacks & XSS
Networks, Protocols, the Internet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3/4
Networks: build-a-lan prep Networks: build-a-lan lab
Networks: wireless networking Networks: build-a-wireless-network lab
Module 2: Models and Tools

Information Assurance
Authentication/Crypto 1
Authentication/Crypto 2
Authentication/Crypto 3
Authentication/Crypto 4
Authentication/Crypto: X.509 certificates lab
Module 3: Cyber Operations

Forensics Lab
Phases of a cyber attack / recon
Network Attack
Network Defense
Case Studies
Cyber Recon Lab
Cyber Attack Lab
Cyber Defense Lab
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