IW Reserve experiences - OCS Navy Reserve

IW Reserve experiences - OCS Navy Reserve

Postby peril » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:20 am


I'd like to understand a typical drill weekend and the first 3-4 years of annual training - (figure that's how long it would take to get all of the training required to be useful ) ...

Finally - what are the opportunities when activation happens ? As a reservist - do you actually have a chance to post for particular assignments? Are there opportunities for multiple smaller (90/180) day assignments vs long term assignments?

(Does the individual have any choice in assignments? )

Lots of questions - I'll be asking the recruiters that same information - (and the process seems very selective so there seems to be a lot of opportunity to learn from the folks that are already in assignments. )

Appreciate any feedback.

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Postby kjschmidt » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:49 pm

Are you currently serving or are you prior-service? My recruiter was absolutely no help in providing me with information on the IW community. I'm lucky that I live near one of the larger NIOCs, so when I went for my face-to-face interview I was put in touch with some active and reserve IWOs who were very helpful. This will be your best bet at getting questions answered.
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Postby das » Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:09 pm

I can tell you what happens from the perspective of someone just going through this process as a reserve IW Officer. First, if you are looking to become a reserve IW Officer, that will happen via direct commission (DIRCOM/DCO), which is a very competitive (and long) process. The current joint IDC boards select about 10-15% of applicants.

After commissioning, you will get hooked up with your nearest NOSC (Navy Operational Support Center), which provides administrative support to you and your unit. You'll arrange your first drill weekends, the first 1 1/2 or 2 of which will likely be indoctrination drills (INDOC)...think of it as "new employee orientation", except for the Navy Reserve.

You will most likely be assigned to the nearest Navy Reserve Navy Information Operations Command (NR NIOC). This NIOC will "work" for one of the "big four" NIOCs, which are in Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, and Maryland. Then you'll start getting up to speed with your unit. Most NR NIOCs aren't that big, so it can be a pretty tight-knit group of people.

Your TS/SCI clearance, if you don't already have one, should be moving forward as soon as you get FINSEL. This could take around a year or longer...it depends. Your first year's AT will be DCOIC. Your second year's AT will likely be the 8-week IWBC, which can only be scheduled after your TS/SCI is final. Your work and ATs should be focused on IW and IDC PQS.

Hope this helps...
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