IWO and IDWO PQS completion for reservists

Re: IWO and IDWO PQS completion for reservists

Postby Mjölnir » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:08 pm

das wrote: Sure, going on extended/multiple active duty orders is the best way to learn — but what about people who can't realistically do that? Are we saying, implicitly, that we don't want them in our community?

I don't think the message is implicitly saying "we don't want you", but that there is a minimum standard that does have to be attained to be considered a qualified member of the community.

I do agree that flexibility is the only way to make the IDWO PQS process work for reservists, but the individual officer also has to be flexible to achieve the qualification. I would offer that we should be pretty rigid with regard to the qualification standard, otherwise we are only diminishing our own credibility.
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