PTS Quota's

PTS Quota's

Postby IS Community Manager » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:46 pm

Hello from the IDC ECM Shop. I wanted to take the opportunity to pass along an alarming trend I've recently noticed regarding PTS quota's. We've dealt with several Sailors who did not act on an approved PTS quota, allowing it to expire then requesting us (ECMs) to reset it. Current PTS business rules do not allow us to reset an expired PTS quota. If you're awarded a PTS quota, it's imperative to utilize that quota before it expires. It's important to know if you have an extension and it goes into effect then you will lose your awarded PTS quota. If your quota expires you will be issued a separation quota if you're within 6 months of your SEAOS. Bottom line, if you intend to stay Navy, act on an awarded PTS quota ASAP. Don't wait for potential SRB increases, deployment to tax free zones, etc. If you have any questions contact us in the ECM shop.
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