Question re: FITREPs at a Joint Command

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Re: Question re: FITREPs at a Joint Command

Postby telowery » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:08 pm

Sum1, I sent you a PM on this topic with regards to some FITREP options at your CCDR.
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Re: Question re: FITREPs at a Joint Command

Postby stewie » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:57 pm

Options for your Col, if he has been a Senior rater for other Navy O3's you will get broken out against them whether he intends to or not, so have him find out his average. If he has worked with other Navy he could soft break you out against them. Best option is probably to soft break you out against the other O3's across all services that he is the Senior Rater for or that he observes if that works in your favor. Even if he is not the rater for other O3's, he may observe, in the course of his duties, how other O3's in the organization stacks up. He does not need to rate the other O3's to compare you against them. One of my last FITREPS was from an Air Force 2 Star and she gave me all 5.0's. At least she was willing to listen to me and soft break me out in the write up by comparing me to other O4's across all services she had previously been the senior rater for. I explained that giving me a 5.0 did not really mean much since I was her first Navy O4 she had written on and I set her average, but what are you going to do. Have him comment on your future potential to perform at the next pay grade, increased leadership, etc...different services, but recognized potential is recognized potential. He made O6 so he has some benefit of the doubt on what characteristics someone needs to perform at the O4. Chances are he has worked with other Navy O3's and O4's so he should have a frame of reference.
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