The purpose of this forum.

The purpose of this forum.

Postby phrogpilot73 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:13 pm

We would like to take this opportunity to address the purpose and intent of this forum, and to clarify what we (the moderator team) envision.

First, this forum is not an official Navy website, and was envisioned from the start as a forum created by JOs for JOs. It's intent was to foster increased communication in the community between commands, specifically at the JO level. We realize that JOs are the future of the community and the Navy, and if we can increase our communication then perhaps what appears to be the greatest complaint can be addressed for some of the young up and coming IW's.

Second, this board is anonymous. While the moderator team can access a lot of information about the users on this board, we do not and will not share any of that information with someone who requests it - short of a court order. In the case of a post containing classified information (unauthorized disclosure), we will self-report the "fact of", the member's screen name, and our mitigation actions, anything else will require a written request. Beyond that, if the users wish to share their personal information with each other, that is their prerogative.

Third, senior leadership reading/lurking/posting. They are welcome to come and post, however they are not the focus of this site. It is not our intent for them to come on board and task point papers, provide guidance, or crush you for your thoughts. That's the reason anonymity is so important to us.

The bottom line is all users should feel free to come online and discuss whatever they think is important. Complaining is fine, and you don't have to have an identified course of action to correct it. However, this board should not turn into a bitch-fest. There is a happy medium, and we realize that at times one person's complaint may lead to another person's solution. JOs don't always have all the answers, but they can identify problems that may not have previously been identified.

This forum is intended to be a virtual wardroom, and as we all know - some of the discussions over a cup of coffee in a real wardroom sometimes are productive, sometimes they aren't, and sometimes result in really good ideas. Continue to do what you've been doing and this website will be great.
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Postby webmaster » Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:05 pm

If you have questions or concerns please send them via PM to the mod team and will we address them.
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