Business Rules

Business Rules

Postby webmaster » Tue May 13, 2008 1:08 pm

Posting: Don't post the entire article in your thread. It takes up bandwidth that has to be stored (and payed for) on the server. There is rarely the need to post the whole thing since it can be linked quite easily directly in the thread. If people are that interested in the piece, they'll click the link and then read it on the source's own website. The other reason is legal in nature. I can be held liable for people posting copyrighted material on this website. To avoid this kind of problem, only post the first two to three paragraphs of the news article (or other) that you are commenting on and/or wish others to comment on. Additionally, it's good etiquette to include the title of the article along with the date it was published

Do not intentially provoke other members either through forum topics or via the private message system. Keep posts in good taste and don't let any joke become personal in nature. Alot does NOT come across well in an electronic format and may come across differently than you may have intended.

Solicitation on this website will not be done without the approval of the webmaster. Members who do so may be given infractions, locking you account, deleting your account, or banning your account.

Any donations you make to this site are used solely for the maintenance of the site (software and server space). Donations are completely voluntary and appreciated. If you do chose to donate, you will have contributor put below your username.

Please let me know if there are additional forums you would like added. I will be happy to add them.

This website is not affliated with the U.S. Government in any way. I solely own and operate this website and as such am responsible for its content.
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