Reputation Points

Reputation Points

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Reputation points are given to show approval or disapproval of a post. They are given from one user to another by clicking the icon that looks like scales underneath the user information on the left side of the screnn. They must be given for a particular post and cannot be given by just going into the user control panel.

Your User Control Panel will show you the last 25 reputation points you received or lost, and the post it pertained to. Also, no one can hide their reputation. The starting, default repuation is 10.

Reputation ladder:
-100 "infamous around these parts"
-50 "can only hope to improve"
-10 "has a little shameless behaviour in the past"
0 "is an unknown quantity at this point"
10 "is on a distinguished road"
50 "will become famous soon enough"
150 "has a spectacular aura about"
250 "is a jewel in the rough"
350 "is just really nice"
450 "is a beacon of light"
550 "is a name known to all"
650 "is a splendid one to behold"
1000 "has much to be proud of"
1500 "has a brilliant future"
2000 "has a reputation beyond repute"
undefined "is off the scale"

Reputation Power: How many reputation points does a user give or take with a click?
Admin = 10 reputation points per hit.
Registration Date Factor: For every 365 days, users gain 1 point of reputation altering power.
Post Count Factor: For every 100 posts, users gain 1 point of reputation altering power.
Reputation Point Factor: For every 50 points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation altering power.

[align=left]Other items.[/align]

Minimum Reputation Count: User must have 10 points reputation before their reputation hits count on others.
Minimum Post Count: User must have 50 posts before his reputation hits count on others.
Daily Reputation Clicks Limit: A user can only give 10 reputation clicks in a 24 hour period.
Reputation User Spread: A user must give reputation to 20 other users before they can hit the same person twice.

Here is how the vB reputation 'dots' work:

One green dot is given for every 100 reputation points.
From 500 points on, one bright green dot is given for every 200 reputation points.
One red dot is given for every started 100 negative reputation points.
From 500 negative points on, one bright red dot is given for every started 200 negative reputation points
If a user has 0 reputation points, a gray dot is displayed.
If a user has chosen to turn off reputation in his UserCP, a black dot is displayed.
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